Capri Island

One of the most popular Islands for tourists in the Gulf of Naples in Southern Italy is Capri Island. ‘Capri Island’ is renowned for its beautiful seaside coastline, exclusive hotels and shopping of exotic items from popular brands and handmade leather sandals. You can also try out Limoncello, a local drink that is sure to linger for a long time on your taste buds.

If you love a bit of adventure, you can take a boat excursion with your spouse, family and kids to the ‘Blue Grotto’, a dark, naturally formed underwater cave where the sea lights up in luminous electric blue which is due to Sunlight passing through the mystical cave.

Summer time on Capri offers you a spectacular sight, as many yachts can be seen on the creek-studded coastline of the Island. At Capri, you can visit any one of the twelve magnificent, old churches available while also taking a tour of the historic monuments and seven museums to get a sense of the history of the Island.
Anacapri which is on your way to ‘Via Giuseppe Orlando’ offers a variety of exquisite artisan boutiques while the on lane to ‘Villa San Michele’ you can find several souvenir stores where you can pick-up high-quality mementos to remind you of your visit to the Island.

Capri also has a massive shopping region covering Piazzetta, Via Le Botteghe and Via Camerelle where luxury items can be purchased at great prices. Capri has a buzzing nightlife and nightcrawlers looking for a good time can try out the trendy bars and nightclubs on the Island.



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