Procida Island

Forming part of the Phlegrean Islands, Procida is a beautiful Island located between Ischia and Cape Miseno off the coast of the Southern Italian city of Naples. While in Procida you can spend some quality time with your significant other in any of the restaurants in the romantic village of Marina di Corricella, where some of the best restaurants on the Island can be found, but in truth, you can get great meals wherever you visit on Procida.

If you want to visit ancient archeological sites on the island, then you can go on an excursion to Vivara, a natural reserve where many archaeological excavations have taken place in the past. Beach lovers would find Procida to be quite tasty, as there are 6 quality beaches with clean white sand and crystal-clear waters ideal for kids.

You may be interested to know that Procida has not escaped the attention of movie makers, as many blockbuster movies like “The Talented Mr. Ripley” and “The Postman” have shot memorable scenes at this Island location.


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